durable pcd grinding disc redllock system epoxy grinding discs

  • pcd grinding wheels for epoxy, coating, paint, and mastics

    PCD Grinding Wheels for Epoxy, Coating, Paint, and Mastics

    PCD (polycrystalline diamond) grinding wheels designed for aggressive removal of hard and tacky surfaces such as: Urethane epoxy Waterproofing membrane Pool deck coating Thick mastic Paint VCT/carpet glues To protect pcd grinding wheels, please Avoid grinding on metal and nail.

  • super pcd diamond floor grinding discs for concrete

    Super PCD Diamond Floor Grinding Discs for Concrete

    Super Aggressive PCD Floor Grinding Discs are most aggressive among all metal bond diamond floor discs. These PCD discs are used mostly for removing the toughest epoxy coating most effectively on concrete. With 4 large PCD segments and 5 diamond segments, they have very long life. Specifications: Both directions are available; 3" in diameter; 4 large PCD segments; 5 metal bond diamond segments; Quick lock pins in the back

  • fast-change pcd floor grinding discs for epoxy paint mastics

    Fast-Change PCD Floor Grinding Discs for Epoxy Paint Mastics

    Trapezoidal diamond grinding tooling designed for fast change floor grinding machines. Three variety of grinding agents to suit different needs: Soft bonding: ideal for medium to hard concrete Medium bonding: ideal for medium-soft to medium concrete PCD: ideal for epoxy, paint, glue, mastics, and coatings.

  • 250mm 12 seg pcd grinding disc to remove coatings | diacutex

    250mm 12 seg PCD grinding disc to remove coatings | DIACUTEX

    250mm PCD grinding disc is composed of quarter size PCD segments and TCT buttons. The PCD edge can remove the paint, epoxy, coatings, glue and other abrasive materials effectively.

  • 125mm 5 inch pcd concrete grinding disc for floor coating removal

    125mm 5 inch PCD Concrete grinding disc for floor coating removal

    ChinShine produce all kinds of PCD diamond grinding cup wheels for floor paint,glue,coating removal on concrete,buy quality PCD diamond grinding tools from professional suppliers,Quality Assurance.

  • china quick change pcd tools for coating removal factory

    China Quick Change PCD Tools for Coating Removal Factory

    This PCD disc is using for epoxy, glue,paint, concrete floors etc. If you want to polishing after remove coat floor, you can use it, because it’s segment is more, and it’s scratches is more evenly. 1.Suit for concrete grinding and polishing,durable and sharp. 2.It is PCD disc and PCD cup wheel.

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